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  • We always have choices A mother asked the folks at Love and Logic if they weren’t giving kids the idea that adults are nicer than they really are. Most adults expect kids to do what they ask of them. Adults don’t give choices to … Read more ...

  • Fat woman calls Louie out for skinnyism Louie C.K. has a scene in his sitcom where Vanessa, a woman who wants to date him, calls Louie on the carpet for his fat-laden refusal. The Jezebel article gets it right: While it might read like another “sad fat … Read more ...

  • Ira Glass and The Gap Between Ability and Perfection Ira Glass, producer of “This American Life,” wishes he was told early in his career that he would be frustrated by the difference between the tastefulness what he could create and his taste. His own early works stunk, and he … Read more ...

  • What you share when you log in via Facebook It is convenient and can be safer to log into a website using your Facebook credentials. But as Yahoo! Tech shows, you share much more than your an email address and a user ID. Facebook, Twitter, Google and other big … Read more ...

  • Do Women Feel Represented in Video Games? Well obviously not, given the title I chose. I just read Bad Ass Girls Need Not Apply, an article about the top video games still showing women with gravity- and clothing-defying breasts. It praised the new Laura Croft Tomb Raider … Read more ...

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