NSA, Prism, Phone Records and Psychological Records

This bugs me. I’m unhappy that the NSA stores and searches my phone meta-data. I don’t like that the NSA stores and searches my internet interactions. Blogger Dissent, a psychiatrist shares just a hint at what information can be pulled from meta-data without having to hear the actual conversation (His blog post). It is a bit chilling. Since he works with people with a specific diagnosis and his phone is only used for business, it would be easy for the NSA to assume those who call him are his patients and have the diagnosis he specializes in. Further, given frequency and time of day of phone calls, the NSA could also figure out when a patient is in crisis. As he says, you might be able to hide from your insurance company by paying privately, but how do you hide from the NSA.

Please be careful with what you leave on voice mail, what you write in an email. Please use my hushmail account to send information to me in a more secure manner (Find it on this page.)

Also, in the reading I’ve done about the spying, I have heard the government say repeatedly that there is no personally identifiable information in this particular system. But there is the ability to look up names attached to phone numbers in reverse phone book look up databases. The two data basis could be compared without Prism itself being able to personally identify someone.

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