Do Women Feel Represented in Video Games?

Well obviously not, given the title I chose. I just read Bad Ass Girls Need Not Apply, an article about the top video games still showing women with gravity- and clothing-defying breasts. It praised the new Laura Croft Tomb Raider game as portraying the title character as still pretty but with real-world proportions. Brianna Wu, the author, shares the vitriol reviewers get when they call into the light the misogynist video-game culture. Why would a woman want to develop games, play games or professionally review them if this is how they will be treated. How will things change if they don’t?

My concern as a psychologist is that this paints an unrealistic, over-the-top, even over-the-porn-top picture of women. It leaves me with the job of coaching young men down from the self-centered edge of what to expect from women–of how even to get women to pay attention to them. Porn, and its easy internet-provided access also does not help men get their gravity-defying ideas down out of the Mt. Olympus clouds.

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