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"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. " - Victor Frankl

Services & Solutions

Wouldn’t you prefer a relaxing, enjoyable evening after a hard day’s work with a peaceful family you love, kids who are respectful and learning to live their own lives, but not at the cost of yours? Would you like an honest relationship with your children where they don’t have to sneak, lie or fight?

Family Therapy:

Confused about how to manage your 21st century child? Are you struggling with parenting? Poor grades, low self esteem or social problems plaguing your teen?

At East Bay Family Therapy, I teach practical, easy to implement parenting strategies to help decrease fighting, improve behavior at home and school and help families get along better. I also open up new ways of seeing life together such that new opportunities arise. Sometimes with a shift in meaning a new horizon just opens up, and off into the sunset you go. Appointments will use a mixture of parent meetings, individual work with teens and full family sessions to comprehensively address problems. 50-minute sessions are the standard format, though sometimes longer sessions are needed.

Individual Therapy:

Sometimes problems are best addressed privately.


Is there a better place to learn how to relate to other than in a group? I often partner with another therapist to bring special topics to light, such as talking about finances, or how to bring emotional intelligence into the workplace.

  • Maintaining the gains you've made

    Maintaining the gains you’ve made: Support and accountability group for families.

    Once you and your family have gained the peace and stability that brought you into therapy, this group helps you to keep the changes you’ve made. Join other families as they support each other through trying times as problems try to charge back in and celebrate the good times with those who know how far you have come. Over time, families often rely on each other to the extent that they become extended family members.

  • Multi-family meetings

    These are fantastic ways to get the support you need from other families who have come through struggles of their own.

  • Finances: the last intimacy

    Money is the last intimacy that couples share with each other. Couples know more about each other’s bodies, weird idiosyncrasies, and wacky relatives than they know about how each other views on money. This group helps couples share their views, talk about what makes it hard to talk about, and learn to see each other in a new light.


  • Facebook Ate My Teenager: Parenting the Connected Teen
  • Parenting through divorce
  • Raising emotionally healthy kids who are ready for life.
  • Ending the Homework Battle