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"The best way out is
always through."
- Robert Frost

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the questions I'm often asked. Of course, if you have a different question you want answered, call or send me an e-mail.

What is a first session like?

Lots of people get a bit nervous the first time with a new therapist. You are about to tell your problems to a person you don't yet know well. In the beginning, I'll ask all sorts of questions about the problem, when it started, how it has changed, where it might take you if it has its way with you, etc. I also like to ask (and sometimes this can be hard to answer) for you to describe yourself apart from the problem, that is, who you are when the problem is not around.

Who answers the phone or responds to my e-mail?

I do, personally.

Can I fill out the forms ahead of time?

Yes, please do so. They can be printed from here and filled out before coming to the office. This will save your therapy time for talking about the problems. Please ask me any questions you have about the forms.

How do I pay for therapy?

Paying for therapy can be awkward for some people. Therapy seems to flow better if you write out the check before therapy and then pass it to me at the beginning of each session instead of us stopping a bit early so you can write out a check at the end of our time together. This way we can do the therapy part for the whole of our time. As you walk in to the office, simply hand the payment to me. That is it.

Where is your office located?

East Bay Family Therapy is located at 1600 S. Main St., Suite 225, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, just south of the Walnut Creek shopping areas and Kaiser Hospital. Since South Main St. has a median, you will have to make a U-turn at Creekside Dr. if you are coming from downtown Walnut Creek (that is, from the north). Turn right at the fire hydrant, park in the back and walk in through the door marked Main Enterance. Suite 225 is on the second floor. Walk down the hallway, turn left, and go down proceed to suite 225. It is near the end of this second hallway on the right side, just past the fire extinguisher.See the Directions/Map page.

How does the free 15 minute consultation work?

Give me a call (925) 325-5022 and we will talk about what you would like to accomplish in therapy. If it seems to both of us like we are a good match, then we can set an appointment time. If not, I'll help you find the right person.

How can I get started?

Give me a call or send me an e-mail. I can answer your questions, and then let's set an appointment.