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Welcome to East Bay Family Therapy.  We offer a variety of services based on easy-to-implement strategies.  Our focus areas include teenagers, parents, couples, groups, and individuals.  We also offer workshops.  Please contact us for your 15-minute free consultation or to set up an appointment.  

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Confused about how to manage your 21st century child?  Are you struggling with parenting?  Poor grades, low self-esteem and/or social problems plaguing your teen?



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Wouldn’t you prefer a relaxing, enjoyable evening after a hard day’s work with a peaceful family you love, kids who are respectful and learning to live their own lives, but not at the cost of yours?  Would you like an honest relationship with your children where they don’t have to sneak, lie or fight?

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Feeling crummy that your partner doesn’t feel loved by you?  Would you like your partner to feel cherished in your presence?  Want to feel cherished in return?

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Is there a better place to learn how to relate to others than in a group?  We often partner with another therapist to bring special topics to light, such as talking about finances, or how to bring emotional intelligence into the workplace.

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Having a tough time inside your own head and heart? Are you overthinking things?  Does guilt nag at you? Are the thoughts being especially mean this week? Does your heart ache with sadness, loss?  Does your heart burn with anger?

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I speak on several topics, like parenting your teen in our connected world, how to raise a teen into an adult, and teen development.  Get in touch so we can craft what would work best for your group.

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Virtually practicing and licensed in all of California, with a concentration in Lamornida, Lafeyette and Moraga.

"Again, we thank you for the very brief but meaningful sessions with [my son].  He has been able to talk more and I'm not crying!  You were a gift at a time of crisis, and we are grateful for all of your help."

~ Amy P., mother

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